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Our mission is to develop an outlet for talented new fashion designers, across the nation, to showcase their talents to different communities. We are dedicated to contributing to their success while permeating a positive outward effect nationally, with the intentions of expanding internationally. We will conduct business in an ethical and honest fashion, while ensuring that our customer satisfaction is the focus of our efforts. We strive to facilitate the growth and development of our clients as well as customers.

Looking for a chance to showcase your clothing line and/or accessories? is the place to be. We’re offering the opportunity for new, up and coming, designers to show case their creative talents.

How? – It’s easy! Just submit your brand information to get the registration process started. For as low as $19.95 a month you can sell your designs and/or accessories here. We are constantly seeking designers who’s designs are creative and exhibit our mantra, “Sophisticated Style”. Join other like minded designers that are inspired to grow and have the ambition and confidence to make there dreams become a reality.

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As a brand we promote growth, ambition, and confidence. So weather you have a full collection or just one item you can take the steps to grow your brand on site and reach the masses. 3 packages Lique’s Boutique offer are:

Growth: $19.95/ per item listed. Product will be listed in the weekly featured product section, and social media blurbs on all social media outlets. Contact for more information. 
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Ambition: $110.00/month includes a personalized vendor page on up to 6 items, Products will be listed in the weekly featured product section, social medial blurbs on all social media outlets, and logo placement on Contact for more information.  
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Confidence: $497.00/month includes 2 additional free months, personalized banner displayed on Lique’s Boutique home page, personalized vendor pages( up to 3 ),  Logo placement, 1 pop-up shop event w/ product placement, and social media blurbs on all social media outlets. Contact for further information  
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